2018 Accommodation Update
There is a large block of rooms being held exclusively for transFormal guests.
The Carington is not currently accepting reservations from the general public for that weekend.

Katoomba hotels are busy year-round at the weekend and bargains can be hard to find.
But TransFormal has special arrangements with the Carrington Hotel to enhance your weekend away.
We also have some options for those traveling on a budget. Take a look at our suggestions below.

  • Transformal Central
    The best place at the best price.
    Stay in The Carrington Hotel in the centre of all the weekend's activity in the classic traditional wing.
    The great price even includes breakfast!
    Traditional Rooms can only be reserved together with a ticket to the Transformal Weekend.  They cannot be reserved in advance of tickets going on sale.
  • Colonial Rooms @ The Carrington Hotel
    A step up comfort from the traditional wing, Each room has its own en-suite.
    And breakfast is included.
  • Premier Rooms @ The Carrington Hotel
    Many Transformal guests go straight to the Premier Rooms - in particular the balcony rooms overlooking the front entrance.
    If you are looking for a bit of luxury over the weekend have a look at the Premier Rooms
  • The Metropole
    Another period hotel, just round the corner from The Carrington offers rooms at a very competitive price.
    If you are looking for a budget option and Transformal Central is fully sold then have a look at The Metropole.
    The Ultra-trail marathon is being held on the same weekend as TransFormal this year - and so budget accommodation in town will be reserved quickly. The Metropole is a popular hotel for runners - so make your reservation as soon as possible.
  • Other budget options
    There are plenty of budget accommodation options in Katoomba,
    They do tend to get booked fairly quickly at weekends - particularly on the Ultra-Trail race weekend. So get in early to avoid dissappointment.


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TransFormal Central - in the right place at the right price!

Just $120 per room per night (including breakfast)

 The most ecconomical way to get the best TransFormal experience at a very discounted price!
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Colonial & Premier Rooms: Stay close to the action in period grace and charm

From $230 per room per night (including breakfast)

 Recently restored to it's former grandeur, the heritage listed Carrington hotel is a local landmark offering the elegance, luxury & charm of yesteryear.
The spacious guest rooms & suites are offered in an array of different styles, catering for all tastes and budgets.

All the rooms are available at special event pricing (lower than the rates on on-line booking sites such as wotif).

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Classic Katoomba accommodation close-by

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Budget Accommodation

 Budget accommodation outside the Carrington Hotel is available if you get in early.
There are other options worth looking at in Leura if you have a car.